Web services produced in the form of Open API for underwriting, querying and claims

In order to respond to the needs of the insurance industry in line with online insurance, Fanavaran published web services for underwriting, querying and claims to the insurance industry. These web services were provided in the form of open insurance (open API) with the aim of greater productivity. By using the API Gate Way model and by launching API in a single platform, third party companies have created the ability to access all the companies that are parties to the contract with Fanavaran, only by interacting through one portal.

Distributed responding for system sustainability and automatic test of servers are technical aspects of API .

  • Responding to approximately 2,000,000 calls per day
  • Aggregation of all insurance companies through API platform
  • Continuous checking of security policies
  • Providing insurance companies with online insurance needs


underwriting, querying and claims


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