End-to-end digital interaction between insurer and policyholder in Health System

Maad is a key product of Fanavaran in Health Insurance. Maad empowers Medical Centers to bring about insurer-policyholder end-to-end digital interaction.

  • Powerful Graphical Interface
  • Unique User Account in order to manage all insurance companies
  • Ability to use multiple windows for several insurance companies
  • Ability to perform parallel operations in multiple tabs
  • Shortcuts
  • E-mailing the documents and list of expenses from Medical Centers to Insurance Companies
  • Displaying control and warning messages at the time of operation
  • Cashing Mechanisms in different layers of software architecture to speed up the data accessibility
  • Managing the different accessibility and secured data interaction

There are 17 insurance companies, +14,000 medical centers (+25,000 unique accounts) proudly employed Maad software in their businesses in which 25,000,000 interactions per month are processed.



Key Product in Health Insurance


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