Fanavaran’s Core Insurance Solution to cover entire policy management in all fields of insurance domain (life and non-life)

  • Comprehensiveness of insurance areas
  • Comprehensiveness of policy management operations
  • Integrity of processes and data
  • Supporting of big data
  • Business Rules Management
  • Expandability

Providing insurance managers with rich analytical dashboards to review the indexes of the business, enables them to make better decisions to raise income and to achieve customer satisfaction.

Pooyan is a set of Business Intelligence products developed by Fanavaran to enable insurance companies to manage their risks smarter with analyzing customer data and producing fast and high-quality analytical reports from Bonyan Core system. Main sub-systems of Pooyan are as follow:

  • Insurance Management Dashboards
  • Data Warehouse
  • Technical Insuring Reports
  • Fraud Detection system

Maad is a key product of Fanavaran in Health Insurance. Maad empowers Medical Centers to bring about insurer-policyholder end-to-end digital interaction.

Below are some of Maad’s features:

  • Powerful Graphical Interface
  • Unique User Account in order to manage all insurance companies
  • Ability to use multiple windows for several insurance companies
  • Ability to perform parallel operations in multiple tabs
  • Shortcuts
  • E-mailing the documents and list of expenses from Medical Centers to Insurance Companies
  • Displaying control and warning messages at the time of operation
  • Cashing Mechanisms in different layers of software architecture to speed up the data accessibility
  • Managing the different accessibility and secured data interaction

There are 17 insurance companies, +14,000 medical centers (+25,000 unique accounts) proudly employed Maad software in their businesses in which 25,000,000 interactions per month are processed.

In order to respond to the needs of the insurance industry in line with online insurance, Fanavaran published web services for underwriting, querying and claims to the insurance industry. These web services were provided in the form of open insurance (open API) with the aim of greater productivity. By using the API Gate Way model and by launching API manager in a single platform, third party companies have created the ability to access all the companies that are parties to the contract with Fanavaran, only by interacting through one portal.

Distributed responding for system sustainability and automatic test of servers are technical aspects of API Manager.

Below are some achievements of API Manager:

    • Responding to approximately 2,000,000 calls per day
    • Aggregation of all insurance companies through API Manager platform
    • Continuous checking of security policies
    • Providing insurance companies with online insurance needs

One of the leading technology company's products is Reinsurance Solution. The new generation of this product is designed and developed to fully meet the business and technical requirements of customers. It can answer customer needs, including large-scale requirements. The product features include quota share reinsurance and surplus reinsurance, facultative reinsurance, excess of loss reinsurance, and acceptance reinsurance from foreign insurers.

Moreover, this product has advantages and benefits for insurance companies such as the ability to extract comprehensive reports, manage resilience operations individually or in groups, conduct systematic and expert business calculations, issue automated accounting documents, and to manage financial operations comprehensively. It also enables process management and access level control.

Important and Common features of Fanavaran's products

  • Expandability: We offer more than 20 versions and sub-versions per year to our customers
  • Rich silos of Business knowledge in all fields of insurance Domain (life and non-life)
  • Fully Business Domain coverage
  • Applicable in both lines of conventional insurance and takaful insurance
  • Fully API based software (Public, Protected, Internal)
  • Integrated with a comprehensive Data Warehouse
  • Workflow Based Processes
  • Minimal Hardware requirements for Deployment
  • Multi General Ledger (GL) compatibility
  • Multi calendar
  • Multi zone
  • Consistent in WPF and Web environment.
  • Comprehensive UI and UX design.
  • High level of Security covered By Smart End to End Protection System