In today's ever-evolving market, new needs, technical challenges, and changing insurance laws and regulations require ongoing support to ensure these systems operate effectively without interruption

Fanavaran provides consulting services, drawing on two decades of experience in comprehensive
insurance systems. We advise clients on configuring, maintaining, securing, and other necessary
infrastructure. The infrastructure and configuration consulting department at the company offers a wide
range of guidance, from server planning to communication network topics.

 A significant portion of Fanavaran’s resources are dedicated to maintaining, developing, and updating systems and technological platforms

There is a need for education and training on the techniques and details of using a comprehensive
software system in the insurance industry. Additionally, there is a lack of structured educational system
for technology in the insurance field. In response to these needs, a training institute called Karanegar
was established in 2014, which provides training on the comprehensive system, financial and legal
software, and principles of insurance business to representatives, specialists, employees, enthusiasts,
and job seekers in the insurance industry. Karanegar offers both in-person and online training services
tailored to the educational needs of insurance companies.