Participation of Fanavaran in the 5th Job Fair

Participation of Fanavaran in the 5th Job Fair

Fanavaran Participation in the 5th Iran Job Fair


Attracting active and skilled jobseekers is an ongoing concern for industries that are progressing and developing. “Fanavaran”, as a software company with its goals and mission focused on the insurance and informatics industry of the country, made every effort to attract talented and dedicated workforce. Their presence at the 5th Iran Job Fair was part of the “Return to Work” campaign initiated by Job Vision Company and Iran Job Fair, aiming to achieve this important goal.

Direct interaction with jobseekers and friendly conversations can be considered the most significant event during the three-day presence of “Fanavaran” in the job fair. Jobseekers had the opportunity to meet with managers and experts of the largest informatics company in the insurance industry up close, ask their questions, and become more familiar with the company’s environment and atmosphere.

“Fanavaran” had 20 vacancies at the fair and received a good response from jobseekers. Visitors included experienced professionals seeking better working conditions, universities’ graduates, and interns. The majority of the fair attendees were young individuals and university students.

Throughout the 3-day duration of the job fair, visitors registered their requests for the available job titles at “Fanavaran”, either through the user interface of Job Vision or by manually filling out forms.

Approximately 60 companies participated in the 5th Iran Job Fair in Iran, and according to HR Media, with the announcement from the job platform Job Vision, a total of 40,387 resumes were exchanged between jobseekers and employers during the three days of the job fair in Iran.

Here is a visual report of the presence of “Fanavaran” at this event:
















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